MD Paper A6  Notebook

MD Paper A6 Notebook

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Approximately 4" x 5.75"

The cream-colored paper is easy on the eyes while creating a beautiful contraxt with black or black/blue ink.

Crafted using traditional Japanese binding techniques and original methods, it opens evenly for easy writing and is highly durable.

Lined Notebook pages have horizontal ruled lines with a bold centerline so the upper and lower pages can be used separately.  It can also be used as a double page spread with 4 divided sections.

Gridden Notebook pages are a modern take on nostalgic Japanese manuscript paper with grid lines.  Divisions are placed on the pages to make it easier to count words.

Whent he pages are full, a personalized one-of-a-kind book as been created.  Let it sit on your bookshelf along with your favorite reads.