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The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm
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Tatine Tisane Votive - Multiple Scents Available
Tatine Tisane Votive - Multiple Scents Available
Tatine Tisane Votive - Multiple Scents Available

Tatine Tisane Votive - Multiple Scents Available

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2 oz soy wax candle in clear glassware.  Burn time approximately 16 hours.

Bare Trees:  An icy blend of dry cedarewood and saffron shadowed by warm sandalwood oil. Black Walnut and oud oil are washed in sensual silken musk and vetiver.

Celebration Day:  A jubilant cascade of fragrant white blossoms from the bitter orange tree, brightened with evergreen.

Laurel Canyon:  An evocation of rainfall on sun drenched arid soil.  Canyon wildflowers float into the air and into the rain soaked eucalyptus trees, carrying the aromas of cannabis, juicy apricots, and rustic suede.  You can almost smell the music.

Flowers on the Hillside:  Beds of clover and dark green grasses in heavenly realms.  Oakmoss mixes with rose oil and geranium bourbon leading to a dry down of lemon oil.  The wildings of nature that lull you back to the summer of your dreams.

Swarm of Bees:  Passionate, powdery, pastoral bandits quietly humming.  Meadows and fressia, the end of a long summer path meets golden autumn hay, sweet, smoky burnt embers, and honeycomb.

Love That Burns:  A saturated heart of deep red garden roses unfurls to citrus melodies of lemon and dark bitter orange oil, graced with soft notes of orange blossom and carnation.  

Wild Honey:  You are liquid fire, burning beautifully in the morning light.  Golden honeycomb dripping with cirus notes, luscious black currant, and wild herbs.

One Rainy Wish:  A light and garden-fresh scent of falling rain drops and golden rose oil.  White cedar and woody base notes sprinkled iwth rosemary, bergamot, and mandarin oil lead to a bright and clean fragrance. 

Kensington Gardens:  The whispering between flowers and spring. An abundance of hyacinth and sweet honeysuckle blooms. Exquisite orange blossoms and heavenly lily of the valley are touched by green garden breeze. 

Morning Sun:  Brimming with solar and citrus notes, velvety apricot syrup, and fresh green lime leaves. Mild spicy hints of pink peppercorn and timur pepper deliver deep red grapefruit notes perfumed with sweet intoxicating orange blossoms. Rich apricot nectar and a tinge of gourmand praline wood add a soft creaminess to this wishful fragrance.

St John's Wood:  October’s leaves collapsed underfoot, their colors made more brilliant on the concrete by the falling rain. Smoke quietly rising from the chimneys spoke of the coziness inside the vine-walled cottages. A quintessential fall evening candle, blended with smoky vetiver and cedarwood, notes of rain soaked concrete, and autumn leaves.

Field of Grass:  The sweet, joyful, and nostalgic smell of cut grass. Top notes of summer grass under a sun shower. Notes of golden flowers, green tea, and lemon bloom at the core to create a heaven-sent memory.