Helena Tall Pot + Saucer
Helena Tall Pot + Saucer
Bergs Potter

Helena Tall Pot + Saucer

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The scalloped clay fringe along the top edge of the beautiful Helena Pot gives it a soft and classic look.

North of Rome in the Lazio region rests the small town of Di Bolsena, a place once filled with potters and the home of Roberto Rosso, one of Italy’s greatest potters. Inspired by ancient Greek designs, Rosso created pottery with distinctive clay borders, a popular feature throughout the 1800s. Fascinated by the idea of a decorative rim, Steffen Berg created the Helena Pot with the remarkable scalloped border to acquire a soft yet classic-looking flowerpot. Today, Berg's Italian potters pay homage to Rosso’s masterpiece every time a new Helena Pot is moulded.

Availalbe in 14cm (18cm high)

Available in Rosa or Grey