Simona Rosa Pot + Saucer
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Simona Rosa Pot + Saucer

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Years ago, the romantic Simona Pot materialized in the head of Steffen Berg, as he strolled through busy and atmospheric flea markets in Montmartre. Now this charming and chic Simona Pot points to the aesthetics of the old Latin Quarter and can easily be imagined in the classic French homes and gardens of the 19th century.

Berg's sweet Parisian “femme” Simona has small pearls sitting neatly on a tight string along the upper rim. Adorned from every angle, she steps elegantly into the light, enhancing her beautiful and subtle details, ready to spread ‘amour’ everywhere she roams.

Today this petit ‘pot de fleur’ is gently shaped by the hands of our Tuscan potters.

Available in 18cm size.