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The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm
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Tatine Stars Are Fire Candle

Tatine Stars Are Fire Candle

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Bitter Orange and Lavender: Tart Seville Orange oil, marmalade, and orange bitters are beautifully blended with Barreme lavender.  Finished with chalky soil and floral notes and a hint of mango extract.

Tabac:  Orange honey scented pipe tobacco drifts into rich, gourmand notes of roasted nuts, caramel, and burnt woods.  Warm, sweet, and smoky with a comforting accord of vanilla.

Sanctuary:  Soft golden light emenates peacefulness through Orientalist perfume notes.  Fragrant ginger, coriander and sparkling mimosa scent the air.  Delicate iris petals and temple sandalwood add depth to the ritual of light.

Temple of Leaves: A combination of smoky, woody, and dry elements blended with hinoki, Japanese cypress, and sustainably harvested sandalwood.  Middle notes of evergreen, musk, and patchouli with woody and camphorous elements conjoure the earthy and masculine.  A spiritual aroma of a temple garden laden with golden autumn leaves.

8 oz. soy wax candle in artisan mouth-blown smoke grey glass.  When burned properly, you will enjoy 60 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere.

This smoke grey glass was handmade and mouth-blown by skillfull artisans and was created to be beautifully repurposed.  Each piece is unique unto itself, imblued with the spirit of the maker.

Tested to be drink-safe.  Gently hand wash glass for use at your next celebratino and let it live uniquely on.

The candle is held within a small vintage parcel made from 100% post-consumer soft cotton paper and lovingly secured with black cord.  Each parcel is unique from the next and slight flaws in recycled paper is considered part of the charm.